How to Deal with Foul Drains 

Drains are not known for emitting foul odors. They should not do that. A lot of homeowners who regularly clean their drains have a drain that smells clean and fresh. The reason for this is that they work with experts to ensure their drains stay odorless and clean.  


It isn’t surprising that odorless pipes and clean drains are associated with each other. The more items that clog your drains, the more chances it is that the pipes will develop an odor. Odor and clog problems should not be ignored. Fortunately, both smelly and clogged drains can be effectively and easily fixed with expert plumbing services 

Today, we are going to share with you some reasons why you should hire a professional for your blocked drain Melbourne. 

How Professional Drain Clearing Helps 

If you schedule drain clearing with a professional plumbing company, you get access to their state-of-the-art tools and knowledge. A professional plumbing company should have a lot of tools at their facility to help you get rid of a clogged drain and leave your pipes odorless and clear.  

  • Hydro Jet 

A hydro jet equipment utilizes high pressured water to flush out any material that is clogging the drain. This pressured water also helps in scrubbing the pipes to avoid slow drain pipes. This is an efficient and natural way of cleaning your piping system while being gentle on the environment.  

  • Industrial Drain Snake 

For those who don’t know, drain snakes are a common tool that people use to unclog drains. However, industrial drain snakes are not the type of plastic one that you can purchase at your local home improvement shop. It is an industrial-strength auger that should be handled only by a knowledgeable expert. These snakes can get rid of any materials that leave a smell in your drain without damaging your piping system. 

  • Industrial Plunger 

Of course, plungers are not just made for toilets. There are a lot of forms of plungers out there. This includes sink plungers and other plungers made for any form of an appliance that utilizes drains. A plunger will produce a seal that helps in pushing out the material from the pipes using pressure. Just like the toilet, a sink plunger can work very well for getting rid of the clogged material. 

Why Do Drains Emit Foul Smells? 

It may appear like there is an easy answer to this issue. However, it is not always very basic. Every single material you flush down the drain needs to make its way all the way through the piping system to end up eventually in the sewage. Because of this, a couple of those materials can often leave a residue or get stuck. This often causes a foul smell to arise from the plumbing system. That is the reason why bad smells are associated with clogged drains. It is also the reason why drain cleaning can be an ideal way of getting rid of these issues.  

Expert plumbing service is the ideal place to start if you’re searching for ways to get rid of foul smells from the drains.